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About Deborah and Zion 777

Prophetess Louwrane Koen has dedicated most of her life to the calling and purpose of God for her life. Being called and ordained by our Heavenly Father, she has made it her main purpose to equip and train people to operate in the supernatural realms. Deborah, from the Hebrew word 'dvorah' meaning 'bee'. The name symbolizes hard work and diligence, there is not a better way to describe the character of Prophetess Louwrane Koen, judge and warrior, yet compassionate, loving and caring, only as a mother could for her children as she teaches and guides all her spiritual children, equipping the next generation of great prophets!

Deborah @ Zion777 is all about empowering people to fulfill and operate in their purpose in the Kingdom of Heaven. Here you will learn the importance of operating in the Courts of God, where the real battle is won through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



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